IT Asset Management Software

IT Asset Management

What is IT Asset Management?

IT Asset Management is the process of designing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of an organization's technological assets. It helps to track and analyse how the IT assets support an organization and its clients. It is applicable for both tangible (hardware servers etc.) and intangible (software, orders, purchase etc.) assets of an organization. Manual recording of an asset is time-consuming whereas asset management software enables you to manage the lifecycle of an IT asset in an easy professional manner.

IT Asset Management Software

Why IT Asset Management Software is important

IT Asset Management Software enables you to analyze the value of your unused applications and with the help of it, you can optimize the usage of these assets and reduce the unnecessary maintenance cost. With the help of this analysis, you can get clarification about the assets which are aged and can assess the impact of using these assets. So with the help of this software, you can plan for new purchasing of assets or disposing or repairing of new assets and thereby avoid future losses. IT Management Software also provides you with an idea about the assets which are stolen. When you can identify the stolen assets it will be easier for you to replace those assets soon to minimize your losses. This gives you the chance to define and control your IT infrastructure in the most affordable cost range. It analyses the root cause for any business impact due to any problem, change or incident and quickly identifies the information of any IT asset. It reduces the business risk and helps the business to grow without complaints. IT Asset Management also controls the IT purchase for your organization by analysing your asset usage and increasing the accountability of the business. Through it, you can manage contract service levels and also contract renewals. It can identify the depreciation of any technological asset and indicates any ageing asset that requires retirement.

Why Us

Shineing Group Software is the top IT asset Management software provider in KOTA NCR. We are here to provide the best asset management software service which tracks all your assets (Hardware and Software) throughout their life cycle. We are well equipped with excellent features. Our module is tailored with the facilities like scanning assets, barcode scanning, network scanning and so on which ensures the guidance for you to import your assets. Our asset management software renders the seamless tracking of all your assets which enhances your IT AM capabilities. We help you to build a perfect database for your assets by network scanning. We are focused to deliver all your asset information like hardware specification, software installed, and present states of assets to manage all your assets and thereby maintain the workflow. We create a roadmap for your assets with a proper understanding of your IT environment.

Why IT asset Management software

Our IT Asset Management Software enables you to manage effective problem management by creating a professional model of your IT infrastructure. We skilfully monitor your software usage, software compliance status, and licence types which reduces the potential risk for your organization. You can easily get track of your software to ensure your software compliance. By tracking all your softwares you will be able to isolate any unauthorized softwares used as an asset. Tracking all software installations makes the audit of softwares easier for you. Shineing Group software is the best IT Asset Management Software company which gives you the opportunity to maintain a complete catalogue of all your technological assets to maintain the complete life cycle of purchase orders and thereby compare prices from different vendors. So it helps you to keep track of Its contracts and makes you notified about the expiry of those contracts in advance. Tracking contract status helps you to make your budget accordingly.


  • How can I start the setup?
    Just email us at with your company information. We will email you the administrator account details.
  • Do I have to pay first before I start using the software?
    No, you can pay the invoice after the trial. However, an invoice will be applicable from the day setup is done.
  • If I decide to cancel, can I get my data back?
    Yes. If you decide to cancel, just create a backup and download it through the web in your admin account.
  • How do I get help streamlining my asset management in my organization?
    We have a dedicated and expert team to help in asset labelling, data collection, license management and designing your asset management policy. You can contact us for help.
  • Is there a limit to the number of users, assets, accessories or admin we can have?
    No. You can create as many users, assets, licences and accessories as per your requirement.
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