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Grow your business with e-commerce software. Make your user experience a seamless shopping experience with one easy click.

Ecommerce Software Development Company

What is e-commerce software?

E-commerce is the trend of today's business. You need to create a trendy commerce website for your business. Shineing Group has been involved in building high-performance E-commerce websites for more than a decade.

E-commerce software is a type of software, which is developed to record the transaction between seller and buyer on the web. E-commerce software is most commonly used by businesses to make their business run smoothly and with a good user experience, it also helps businesses to grow perfectly.

E-commerce Software Development Company - Shineing Group

Shineing Group is the best E-commerce website development company in KOTA. We specialise in a fast and scalable e-commerce website that is fully flexible. Our custom E-commerce software enables you to take into account many kinds of industries like health, garments, kids, items, furniture, entertainment, grocery, stationery, and many more.

Custom Ecommerce Development Company

What are the types of E-commerce Software Development Services provided by Us?

E-commerce software is a huge retail sales strategy that is essential for any kind of new as well as established businesses. We at Shineing Group offer two different kinds of e-commerce software services to our customers:

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

PaaS provides through the e-commerce platform, which is available for open-source shopping carts and standalone shopping carts. These help our customers to get easily managed e-commerce websites and high-quality functions. The customers can manage the softwares on their own. Through this, the customers can customise their online stores and also track the sales and growth of their business.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Saas provides the solution through customised e-commerce software development. We offer you a hosted e-commerce software service that is budget friendly for the customers. It consists of the registration of the domain, content and other tools which are necessary to build a perfect e-commerce website. So with our e-commerce website service customers can experience easy selling and buying solutions and also a secured payment gateway which ensures uninterrupted transactions in their business.

Custom Ecommerce Development Company

Features of E-commerce Software Development Service

  • COD Management: It enables a Cash on Delivery payment option for customers and thus allows a quick buying option and checkout process.
  • E-mail/SMS Notification: We incorporate notifications for orders placed, their shipping and delivery status through e-mail and SMS to customers.
  • PCI Compliance: Our work follows PCI standards, i.e. a series of security requirements that every merchant, big or small, must follow, to conform.
  • Catalogue Browsing: It renders a list of items or products on a common page along with the price and features.
  • Smooth Checkout Flow: It will enable complete payment processing in one go without any interruption and with full security.
  • SEO and Indexing: It enables easy search options for needed products according to names, sizes, ages, gender, categories, colour, etc.
  • Low stock notification: If any product has a low stock and is about to finish, then this feature allows customers to be aware of their availability.
With our e-commerce web services, our clients and their customers get easy selling and easy buying solutions respectively. We ensure to provide a secure payment gateway. All the information is securely protected. We also provide auto shipping facilities and assure the customers getting their product at their desired location. Shineing Group assures you the most cost-effective and reliable service, that enriches your business with the proper customer satisfaction.

Why Us

Shineing Group takes care of all sizes of organisations for rich e-commerce applications. E-commerce software must be built as an interactive platform that finely communicates with the customers about their requirements and what we can offer to them. Shineing Group specialises in creating such e-commerce websites and softwares with all inbuilt features with customised solutions.

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  • What is e-commerce software development?
    E-commerce software is a type of software, which is developed to record the transaction between seller and buyer. It is a kind of marketplace where sellers list their products and sell them on retail or B2B.
  • What are the types of e-commerce software?
    SaaS, PaaS and Company Owned
  • How much time does it take to develop?
    It depends on the base of the project requirement. Some ready-made software like woocommerce, Shopify, and OpenKart can be customised in a week. The new custom developed software can be designed in 2-3 months.
  • Can I make changes afterwards?
    Yes, You can implement your idea anytime.
  • What is the process of developing e-commerce software, If I want to develop one?
    In order to develop e-commerce software you must have your business idea ready, Get in touch with us will convert it .
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